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Uncovering The Mystery of Saturn’s Enceladus

Cassini Huygens mission has been taken, to explore the planet Saturn, a group of seven years of NASA and European Space Agency and the Italian Space Agency, a closer look at the current object of attention, and the small moon Enceladus. Enceladus is a moon of Saturn that is deeper than most scientists assumed that people who have died for the most part. With a very bright surface reflects almost 100 percent of the heat, and thus a very low temperature of 330 degrees Celsius below zero.

This surprising discovery that Enceladus, in contrast with the moon Mimas nearby ice-like geology, active and particulate emissions is driven by water vapor in the atmosphere of the South Pole. Enceladus is a tiny moon, about 300 miles radius of geological activity on the lunar surface in the size of Sarah puzzled scientists. The discovery of geological activity in every rare phenomenon so far. A big secret is not known why Enceladus is the cause of the enormous heat source that heats the ice. Scientists can only speculate that this is due to tidal activity or radioactive devices at this time.

At that time believed that the heat emitted from the wounds of a very deep mid-latitude tectonic boundary of the Antarctic. This is the approach of Cassini in July seems to imply. However, unlike the 286 kilometer orbit, Cassini is the closest final 109 km and confirms that the heat emitted from the reality of what is known as tiger stripes of Cassini. And tiger stripes cracked Cassini is 80 miles long parallel to each other in about 25 nautical miles. Cassini is only 314 kilometers. Found in the hottest place in the south polar region of the tiger stripes.

Cassini determines the existence of two types of ice Enceladus. He is an older variety of amorphous as a constant feature of the planet’s surface. However, the ice particles evaporate through the gap and the tiger bar fine crystalline particles. Ice is an average of 10 microns in size. These are tiny particles of ice to escape the atmosphere of Saturn’s moon which is a broad ring, and ring E.

On March 2008, Cassini is scheduled to visit again Enceladus. May be explained further light on the mystery behind Enceladus.

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Impressive Display Picture of the New Hubble Telescope

The new images from Hubble – how exciting! The last of the new Hubble image of a black hole, which will have a need for the translation into the house.

For new images from Hubble a group of astronomers from all over Europe, combining the power of the Hubble Space Telescope with that of the VLT (Very Large Telescope at the European Southern Observatory (ESO) on Cerro Paranal.

The images from the Hubble telescope are one of the bright quasars that have no visible galaxies. The new image shows the quasar multiple sources of strong radiation. Formed in the quasar astronomers to study how the Hubble and they know it is often associated with black holes, quasars are active. Only one of the many quasars they found delivered in a black hole without a galaxy. Thus, the new Hubble telescope images.

Other new images show the other quasars that astronomers discovered by Europeans. In one you can clearly see the Milky Way’s black hole with a large spiral threads.

Over the last ten years the problem of getting the Hubble telescope pictures of black holes is that the quasar shines far brighter than the galaxy that can not be seen by the casual observer, or take new photos, black holes and galaxies. This problem is solved up to now a new image from the Hubble Telescope host galaxy potential.

With the recent observations of 20 quasars, found that 19 to the host galaxy. This means that if the host galaxy really does not exist, should not is more than one-sixth the brightness of traditional host galaxies, or have a radius of at least 20 times smaller than most of the host galaxy. And is now regarded as the Hubble telescope image of this search.

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Explore Images from Satellite to Earth

One thing we always ensure that advances in technology we have. Since the first trip to the moon and our curiosity was more than an increase. We can now have access to satellite images of Earth.Satellite images of Earth

This has given humanity unparalleled in the process of buying a new space, and how the land is part of the scheme of things. With satellite technology, which currently enjoy every day, everything seems possible and not far from us.

Relieved a lot of mystery and awe when we received the first satellite images of our land. Can be seen from this rule, and contradictions in the soil and water in a new light. Funny when you really think that we see the world in which we live in it. This could leave you in wonder hold, and you have to keep looking at the possibility.

With satellite imagery of the earth we are today, is it really possible for us to better understand the planets around it. After all, is very different in many ways.

Could be through satellite technology is not the weather forecast prior to arrival. This is probably one of the most common ways to use the satellite. Understanding on the front is approaching storm, we have a better chance to solve the problem. Every night when you adjust in a matter of fact, we can see the results of the satellites in weather forecasting.

Always show local meteorological satellite imagery, and give predictions. In addition to weather and satellite images of Earth and its surroundings provide constant updates of what’s happening in all parts of our planet. We would like to know if a meteor or other harmful elements to come. Satellites allow us to stay ahead of the game.

While satellite images of Earth has certainly answered many questions that are not necessary for our planet, and how the appearance and function, is still very open. Satellites and space travel has always revealed new and interesting things about our universe as a whole. You can learn a lot about space and Earth satellite imagery on the Internet in the comfort of your home. Could not be much better than this. The Internet provides a wealth of information and pictures of the earth and the planets around it that will blow your mind.

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