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Hundred Texas Schools Participating In the Governor’s Invitation Educator Excellence

Hundred Texas Schools ParticipatingGovernor Rick Perry, $ 10 million grant program was launched in November 2005 in order to improve the performance level of students and school employees to pay a higher than expected bonus. One hundred Texas schools have been invited to participate in the Governor educator, Award of Excellence program. So far, 98 accepted the invitation.

Texas schools have a high percentage of economically disadvantaged students. Achievement of students in each school or showed a very high level, marking students improve. Everyone has been rated as exemplary or recognized, the two leading academic evaluations school can be given to Texas school accountability system, and they showed a strong math and improve reading performance.

Each school may apply for a three – annual allocation is as follows:

• Schools with 449 or less – $ 60,000 in subsidies
• 450-699 students – $ 90,000 year plan
• 700-1199 students – $ 135,000 in subsidies, or
• 1200 students or more – $ 180,000 per year in grants.

In order to maintain eligibility to participate in the grant program schools Texas should be ranked academically acceptable or better. Referral bonus amount of $ 3,000 to $ 10,000 for individuals.

Each school should develop a customized incentive pay program for each school, as long as the teachers to participate in their development under the following guidelines:

75% of the grant funds must be used for classroom instruction, incentive compensation;
, Teachers should be adopted by Texas school districts spent an average of four hours a day in an academic environment, learning or vocational / technical teaching environment;
• Winners must improve student achievement and academic growth beyond expectations
• Performance should be determined using objective measures and measurable, such as local bents marking system, end – of – of course, tests and other assessment
The recipients • must work together with other teachers and staff, and to improve the overall performance of students in the school.

Coaches are not eligible for this program, but they also teach and qualify the classroom teacher’s guide.

Adjusted salary incentive plan must take into account the distribution of teachers in their efforts to – to – the staff, every region. The enthusiasm and commitment of teachers to improve student performance, the direct result can also be considered, such as tutoring students after school.

The use of the remaining 25% of the grant may include:

• Provide incentives to pay other school staff, to help improve student achievement,
• Provide teacher training,
• Support activities guidance
• Teacher training,
Signing bonuses for teachers – need subject areas,
• Activities to support common planning time and curriculum development,
• Proven program to recruit and retain teachers,
• Teachers to attend school or Saturday programs and the goal are to improve teaching and learning benefits.

While 12 percent of Texas school districts have some type of teacher pay incentive plan, which is the first national plan in the last 20 years. When Texas schools achieve excellent results, the perpetrators always a credit to their teachers and staff. Excellence Award Scheme The purpose of the governor is to say a very sincere “Thank you,” teachers and staff go the extra mile to help students succeed

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Back To School Spirit

Back To School SpiritThis is the time of year when mom and dad look at how to improve the academic status of their children in the upcoming school year, or at least they should.

There are many choices to be measured, such as: new school clothes, school supplies, peer pressure after school care, homework, league sports, and transportation.

This is the time of year again great changes, but here are two changes will affect your child’s life and the need to work a little more and commitments.

Your child or children who are exposed to certain beliefs: I believe your parents, your confidence, your partner’s faith, or belief, you leave. Set the example, start participating in the temple, the temple mosque or church.

If your child does not believe that they would have a happy successful life? You already know the answer to that question, it should be taught to children’s work. Anyone can let the passage of time, and to teach their children.

Search for your kids and hobbies, they insist. Oh, no, more work! Yes, yes, but this decision your child will benefit from the infinite.

It can dance, yoga, martial arts, music, gymnastics, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, or something else, but whatever it is, your child should begin to like it. At this point, they are committed, they are not allowed to fail, unless there is good reason.

If a coach, teacher or abusive, it is an understandable reason to go, but you can always find another coach. In fact, if you allow laziness, your kids, you’ll get it. Children usually follow the path of least resistance, but they want structure.

My experience is: children often put their good attitude, martial arts and yoga classes. Due to the fact that there are a set of formal rules and codes of conduct.

Do not let them sit in the corner of the video games and television, in addition to a very small number of cases. There are a lot of good things too much in the “real world” requires their attention.

Both changes will instill tenacity, perseverance and goal – setting skills last a lifetime. The result can be endless, for the whole family.

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Florida Schools Libraries – Boosts FCAT Scores and Students Reading Skills

The aim of any school library is to promote reading and improve reading skills and research. Teachers agree that a long time, a good library of academic success necessary, because students must be able to read the third grade to study other materials, such as history and science.

The study found that Donna Baumbach, associate professor and director of the Educational Technology Resource Center at the University of Central Florida, there is a direct relationship between library professionals and students in Florida reading grade or above.

Florida Schools Libraries

Around 1700, Florida school library research and find a comprehensive library, and direct links to the best student FCAT (Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test) scores. Increasing elementary school reading scores, FCAT 9%. SMP increased by 3%, 22% of high school. The study also showed that tens or even higher FCAT in Florida schools and testimony Media run time.

The study found that two aspects of a good library – (1) a comprehensive library, the current selection, and (2) recognized media expert responsible.

Need New Books

A few years ago, he began a story in the school library at the Orlando Sentinel,Florida. Bleak best results. The researchers found that most school books and libraries Florida run by trained clerk’s antique collection. A major role in promoting, funding libraries unexpected publicity. Overall, half of the annual budget comes from the school library book fairs, and parent organizations’, and sales and profits from the sale of candy supply.

State-funded school library before Florida was maintained at $ 15 million, prompting local Florida go a lie story groups, businesses, charities and churches donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to fix the libraries throughout the state.

However, the book Florida school library, each student is still higher than the national average. Countries to buy more books, higher than the national average, but the Florida schools are not able to cope with the influx of new students every year.

1980 Orange C ounty, Lake, Volusia, Polk, and a book of five before being published. Osceola County is the best collection of 11%, which were published since 2000.

This study shows that Baumbach is an urgent need for new resources, the library school in Florida.

Reporter Needs More Recognition

The second part of the equation is the media needs more experts and recognized. Research has shown that school libraries in Florida with professionals, students have more books, newspaper and magazine subscriptions. They have a large number of students using the library, and promote blood circulation of books, each student’s computer.

Certificate of journalists were taken to a part-time teacher at the Florida school library, and to help the postman, not to provide knowledge and experience. In fact, to supplement funding, grant application libraries, the experts can. Their books to the students turn classroom books, and then let them sit, not on the shelves. They make reading incentive program, and provide educational multimedia. They can even work with teachers assess students’ test scores and to identify the areas of reading, some students may need more help.

County, Seminole and Volusia, but decreased in recent years, the professionals. Osceola, Polk, Brevard, Orange Lake and improve the performance of the County.

Florida School Library improvement , but not all Florida schools on an equal basis. If you are choosing a school for your child, before making a final decision, is sure to look at the school library.

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