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Solar Power Generation – Direct Technological Application of the Energy Problem

Solar energy methodsWe are looking for cross-border solutions with high gasoline consumption, there does not seem, at least at this time. We look forward to adding fuel ethanol, our current formula, but this will not only give our best miles per gallon, and, of course, the use of bilateral cleaner products. Ethanol is a temporary solution … in the best case. The reason, of course, based on the need for the production of corn sugar (sugar and starch crops other similar). This is a simple consequence of this is that this will eventually lead to the depletion of food stocks, and also hurt our exports of grain. We can expect the growing needs of our corn crop, will require additional space to meet the expected growth in demand. We must take into account, it would require a lot of work to accomplish this task. The problem persists … ethanol to keep prices low, the current price of gasoline?

All in all, we have to accept the fact that we will not be able to gas, where to eat tortillas. There are also other crops, such as soybeans, sugar beets, raw sugar cane can be used for the extraction of ethanol fuel. Even … equity will remain for our car, with gas at the end of the day exhausted most of one or more of the local market and export crops. This does not mean that the case will come in the end to develop side by side but no other fuels to renewable energy, such as hydrogen fuel cell-based method to help fuel ethanol, and energy services for some shortages of basic foodstuffs Home. Probably the latter … “We like the wheels on our feet or food in our stomachs.” Common sense tells us that, at this stage, we should proceed with caution. Funded, initiated a large country in South America, Brazilian ethanol project for nearly a decade now, and the results are pretty good, I really want to get rid of foreign oil in weaning. There will always be 100%, remains to be seen.

Solar energy methods can be tampered with to produce hydrogen-powered power stations of the future, and hope, power, which contributes to the depletion of fossil fuels will help us to provide fuel “advanced cell, running cars and trucks are being developed fuel required for production energy.

Unfortunately, the production of hydrogen is a very effective use of solar power. He said that this entity, entirely solar renewable, and therefore should be considered. With solar energy to hydrogen fuel for the recently announced some breakthroughs holding great promise, the use of solar energy to produce hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are needed economic and industrial good and you do not use all food sources in this process.

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Wind Energy: UM Universityes Pioneer Technology Development

Wind Energy Technology DevelopmentIn March 2005, University of Minnesota – Morris became the first public university in the United States to install – large wind turbines, and to help schools meet the electricity needs. Since it was installed, the generator provides about 60% of the power of the University. Electricity needs of the school, and the rest of the program purchased tailvinds Power Company Otter Tail.

These figures show that, regardless of the power grid is generated sites or buy wind power to supply the electricity needs of 100% of the independence, energy UM, the school’s commitment does not stop there. Students help schools achieve the goals of energy, electricity, water and waste reduction requirements. The ability to also get quite critical of the spirit of green energy in the classroom and protection.

MW 1.65 MW generator Vesta is an impressive sight, 135 – foot blades and 230 – foot tower, stands some 365 feet tall great machine, but the impact is much greater than the social and Minnesota. Generators have become a major tourist destination in central Minnesota and field trips, and help raise awareness of the thousands of people, especially students of construction in 2005.

Generator is a model of efficiency, need only 7-9 MF S wind to generate electricity. It requires 26 MF • 1.65 MW wind generation unit. Having a dedicated power line UM campus, the University needs more power, local power line, it will automatically provide, so that no man knows the campus, if the supply of electricity from the generator or the grid at any given time is given. On the other side of the coin, when the big O power requirement is less than the production of generators, the excess energy is directed back to the local utility grid.

All that impressive, but the university broader plan to increase energy independence. Building a biomass gasification plant is planned in Australia in 2006, which would be 80% of the heating and cooling requirements to meet the campus. The plant will use the pool (straw residues) maize in the region, as well as waste wood and other plant residues as fuel and other basic organic stock.

United States as a whole, is second only to the total production of German wind – power plants, California, Texas and Minnesota led the way.

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