Modern Medical Interventions over the Past 50 Years has Increased Rapidly for Infants Born with Congenital Heart Defects

In the journal Archives of disease in childhood a study published and declare that among these 50 years, infants with congenital heart defects have shown an increase significantly. Congenital heart defects or often abbreviated with CHDs are cardiac abnormalities at birth that attacks 68 babies of 1000 born each year in the UK.

Research from the British Heart Foundation-funded study which is collaborated with the Newcastle Freeman Hospital and Great Ormond Street Hospital or often shortened to GOSH show the advancement of technology and pediatrics has had a positive impact on the health of children who are suffering congenital heart defects through intensive care and surgery.

Researchers and many surveyors who consider in child mortality due to congenital heart defects based on census data 1959 to 2009, shows that the number of the mortality reduced rapidly. In 1959 it is stepped 1460 deaths in congenital heart defects and ultimately greatly reduced by only found 154 deaths in 2009 for children under the age of 15. For infant mortality was also significantly reduced from 60% in 1963 and now only 22% based on the census data 2004-2008 and most infant deaths found in male infants rather than female.

Dr Rachel Knowles, as the leader of the study, add that the data is truly useful to show the massive benefits of the advancement of technology. Slowly bring big changes to help CHDs with the offers of varies intricate surgical procedures to the first month babies with the intensive care and adapted anesthetic technology, bring the brighter future for the sufferer.

For you who moved to contribute to make a change for children who suffer from congenital heart defects, you can give your contribution to help them by donating charity for surgery to the unfortunate kids. Your children charity will truly help those who are need it. For you who want join the GOSH team in caring the CHDs children can register yourself in its job nursing.

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