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Some Explanation of the Seven Continents Theory

Seen from space, Earth seems to four or five broad areas of land, depending on your point of view. However, we must maintain the illusion that there are more continents.

As we all learned in elementary school, there are seven continents. A quick look at the world, however, revealed that only the basic assumption is completely wrong. In particular, how can it be that Europe is a continent where there are no clear differences with Russia?

What causes surprise, not classified in the Arctic and the continent. In contrast, distributed between North America and Asia. Yes, because Asia is considered Russia as part of a seven-continent model. And receive the following seven continents in alphabetical order.

Africa is the continent more than others obviously. It is also the second largest as the size of Earth, covering more than 11700000 square km, which is 5.9 percent of the earth’s surface. Because of the population, Africa is the second most populous continent with over 840 million people.

Antarctic continent as well, especially if barren. And covers 98 percent of the continent of Antarctica is ice not only as a country, does not require other countries.

Based on the large size, and Asia leading the continent in the world. It contains the largest area of land and is home to more than 60 percent of all people. Talk about traffic jams! In fact, the measurement may be a bit misleading to Asia. In accordance with the methodology of the seven continents, Asia, spanning most of Russia and the Middle East and even parts of Egypt.

Often referred to as the forgotten continent, Australia is the fourth continent. He was appointed one to an island for a period of history, Australia is to ensure that the continent. That said, is the smallest in the country, with more than a bit of 4000000 square kilometers, but has a healthy population of more than 20 million people.

European continent, but there is little evidence to support this claim geography. Behalf of the European continent is primarily a political and historical development. Regardless, Europe covers an area of 4 million square kilometers, but densely populated with more than 11 percent of the world population to 705 million people.

North America is the continent next year. Once again, we run the practical question of the border. Using the methodology of the seven continents, North America, extending to the North Pole, as expected, but also including many of the countries of Central America. Total land area of 9450000 square kilometers. 514000000 people are estimated to live in North America.

Last is the South American continent. Cover 6900000 square kilometers, and South America and covers 3.5 percent of the earth’s surface. With a population of 371 million people, ranks as the fifth country in terms of population.

Seven continents misleading nature of the theory has to do with Europe. If European countries are not as powerful entities throughout history, we actually consider the continent? No way!

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The Importance of Bodybuilding Supplements

Bodybuilding supplements is the key that is often overlooked. However, the more time you spend in the gym, you still have to feed the body with essential nutrients, otherwise you may fall into the trap of damage to the joints and even programming your body to digest its own muscle. Here, in this article will show you how to use bodybuilding supplements are very important.

Tip 1
For bodybuilding supplement is needed, at least for many of the beginning of their journey in bodybuilding, weight gain is a powder. As with replacement feeding, and dissolves in liquids. Give your body a big boost from the carbohydrates and calories, which will help the beginner bodybuilders to gain weight. Often they are just getting started in bodybuilding first found it difficult to gain weight.

Tip 2
Pro antibiotics. One denies that this is actually a necessary supplement for bodybuilders, weight lifters, but the use of the most successful and effective without hesitation. Antibiotics for professionals contain bacteria that help digest food in the stomach. Access to most of the nutrients absorbed by the body, and loses less.

Tips 3
There is no doubt that bodybuilding is a protein supplement is needed. Your muscles are built from protein, and the regular need to ensure that the muscle is repaired with a personal gym right after work. Protein is the food that the body can not create for him, and there are many alternatives that can be used instead. And your muscles will not grow to the size you want, if you do not take enough protein.

Tip 4
Another important supplements in bodybuilding is that you need if your life is very busy, or traveling. This replacement feed. Meal replacement powder that is soluble in water or milk, and give some food that you lost, if you can not eat your normal diet. Essential nutrients such as protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, fatty acids, minerals, and is quickly absorbed into the body. No one can go from earlier to a fancy restaurant to “eat” one of them, but it is very useful to maintain a stable amount of food when you’re busy.

Bodybuilding supplements is the key that can be confusing for beginners to bodybuilding, so this guide is designed to start properly.

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Alternative Library Can Be Visited

There was once a time known as “the past”. In all honesty, I can not tell you when you pick up this season. Serious can happen to them. Father and raving about how great it is, but I still can not determine the line of real-time. Apparently from before I was born. So let’s go with everything, even in 1975, and this should do it. Now, regardless of the “past”, which long held in a distant land, I can not comment on the traditions of the past, are trivial to some extent now, and I’m talking about library books. Large local building located in your town. Filled with a number of books and knowledge, but unfortunately, it is considered necessary for many people. I will not be found. I’m kind of in this way. You see, young people most of us with computer wave. In fact, many seniors do the same thing. It is very convenient.

Not once in college I can not use the campus library books. Now, do not get all excited here, and start making assumptions about my GPA. I was also, and make it almost completely. Funny and confusing part about this is that I am English major. Now, how in the world to make the UK a large degree during the past four years without the use of Library Books? It is a challenge at times, and I’ll admit. But if many people do not know or is there anything about the internet world today. You will have so many historical documents once only found in a book from the library. Trust me on this! There are some great sites, virtual library, and books on the internet that offer free to all data. Then, there are a few that require passwords. This can be achieved if you are a student at the university. This is very cool, right? I can not tell you how many times I see the book online.

Virtual dimension is definitely something to get used to. My mother just could not. It’s all about the books of traditional local library. That’s all you know of any previous time, and all those interested to find out. This is very good. You may experience some problems or books that you can not find on the Internet. If I had this problem, it all depends on what you study.


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